WALK-IN CLASSES ALSO AVAILABLE: See homepage for details.

Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Acro Fit’s recreational program is a progessive based curriculum that is based on the USAG developmental guidelines for skill building.

Our class format uses stations that focus on strength, flexibility, part of a skill. Students will train on vault, bars, beam, floor, and tumble track every class.

The Level 1 / Introduction Class teaches children how to safely train on the events and at stations, in addition to learning basic gymnastics skills which include (but are not limited to) forward & backward rolling, cartwheels, handstands, bridges, pullovers, casting, and directional walking on beam.

The Level 2/3 Plus Class has an extended time to allow for additional skill an strength training for the progressing gymnast. Level 2/3 skills include (but are not limited to) round-offs, backwalkovers, backhandsprings, back hip circles, front mill circles, skills on beam, and handstand-fall flat vault. Students in this level may progress onto Acro Fit’s Level 2 and Level 3 competitive team, or onto our performance tumble team.