Acro Fit houses women’s competitive gymnastics teams for Levels 1 – 10. All levels compete in AAU. Levels 5 – 10 compete in both USAG and AAU.

Membership onto the competitive team is through try-out and invitation only.

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Our lower level team concept is to introduce the child into the sport of competitive gymnastics without compromising family and friend time.
Levels 1-3 have a minimal practice commitment choice of once or twice per week, and compete only once per month September through May.
We have a fall and a spring season, therefore we welcome new members onto the team in August and January. Our goal is to give the child a “taste” of competitive gymnastics. Additionally, the experiences of competing helps to develop life skills. It builds self-confidence, teaches long term goal setting, develops a sense of accomplishment, and encourages team spirit, team pride, and lifetime friendships.

LEVELS 4 – Optionals

Level 4 is where a larger commitment to the sport begins for Acro Fit gymnasts. These levels are required to practice year around, and multiple days per week.
These gymnasts have made the decision that gymnastics is going to be their “activity of choice”. Through practicing and achieving gymnastics skills at these levels, they have created a strong foundation for any other sport they may choose to participate in during high school. The physical, mental, and emotional dedication required to train at these levels encourages a strong development of self-motivation, focus, competitive drive, ambition, and physical fitness.

Please email Jamie at: if you are interested in our competitive program.

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